Therapeutic Craft Classes

Therapeutic Classes at CfECrafts for Everyone provides therapeutic craft classes for people with a learning disability. We also provide work experience for people who are interested in working in Health and Social Care.

People come together to share the experience of working with craft materials, learning new skills and making something special to take home.

Our therapeutic craft sessions are renowned for their friendly relaxed atmosphere.

We hold the classes four days a week 10.30 to 12.30 and one 1.30 to 3 .30. You can stay as long or short as you like, you could stay all day if you wished. Some people are accompanied and supported by their own carers and other people who are more independent, are supported by our own experience, qualified staff.

We practice a wide range of crafts from, salt dough, decoupage, mosaics, jewellery making, papier mache, and ceramics.

All are welcome, we pride ourselves in our ability to enable people with a wide variety of disabilities to achieve.

“I enjoy coming to crafts because it’s a nice class, and I enjoy making items out of clay and have made some new friends”.

Carol and Stewart love to sing along to music. Pretty soon others join in. Amongst an atmosphere of happy chatter and banter, people are learning new skills, socialising and have their spirits lifted. All this, and making something to take home as well!

If you know anyone who would like to come along to the sessions, then please contact us and we will arrange a free one hour taster session.

People have a great time in our craft classes. We will show you how to make things to take home.